About Our Clients

Achievement Certificates Co.

Kindergarten diplomas and other school certificates, awards and graduation supplies.

ACT Associates

Predictive Maintenance, Vibration Analysis, and Balancing Services for industrial fans.

EasyFit, Inc.

Structural pipe fittings to build handrails, racks, tables, displays, and other structures.

Emblematic Co.

Magnetic emblems for vehicles, displays, etc.

Envirospec Inc.

Patented PAVE-EL® pedestal systems for elevating and uniform spacing of paver stones on waterproofed decks and roof areas.

Griffco Valve, Inc.

Back pressure valves, pressure relief valves, calibration columns, pulsation dampeners, injection valves, corporation stops, and other accessories used in chemical-feed and metering pump systems.

Kee Safety, Inc.

Kee Klamp® steel and Kee Lite® aluminum, safety components for railings and other tubular pipe structures; Kee Access ADA handrail systems; KeeGuard® rooftop railing systems plus skylight screens, anchors, roof walkways, horizontal lifelines and other fall protection equipment.

LNA Solutions

BeamClamp® steel-to-steel fasteners, BoxBolt® blind anchor fasteners, and steel floor clips and fasteners.

Milward Alloys, Inc.

Aluminum and copper-based master alloys and alloying additives; phosphorus-copper, and custom alloys for metal casting.

Niagara Fiberboard, Inc.

Recycled paperboard products for industrial packaging, displays, exhibits, toys and games, furniture and cabinets, building and construction, and graphic arts.

Niagara Transformer Corp.

Liquid-filled, dry-type and cast-coil transformers, rectifiers and reactors for industrial and utility power generation and distribution.

Polymer Molding, Inc.

Plastic caps, plugs and other closures for product protection; thermoplastic and thermoset custom injection molding services.

The Revvo Caster Company, Inc.

Revvo and Flexello caster and wheels for light, medium and heavy-duty industrial applications; specialized casters for medical equipment and hospital beds.

Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

Microscopes and borescopes for industrial inspection, electronics, research and quality control; micro-finishing tools for metalworking.

Ttarp Co.

Die-cutting presses, heat laminators, vertical band saws, adhesive cutters and production splitters for fabricating foam, plastic, rubber, paper and textiles.

VanDeMark Chemical Inc.

Phosgene derivatives and merchant phosgene for pharmaceutical manufacturing; PTSI water scavenger for adhesives, coatings and sealants.

Vent-A-Kiln Corporation

Vent-A-Kiln portable venting systems for ceramic kilns, ovens, vats and furnaces; Vent-A-Fume and Place-A-Vent systems for industrial applications.

Wanner Engineering

Hydra-Cell seal-less pumps, metering pumps, valves and other accessories for pumping systems, plus Stan-Cor ANSI centrifugal pumps and Vector peristaltic pumps.

Wanner International

European headquarters for Wanner Engineering pumps and pumping system accessories.

WSF Industries, Inc.

Autoclave pressure vessels with patented Rapidoor® quick-opening closures for vulcanizing rubber, dewaxing, hydrostatic testing, sterilizing, vacuum pressure impregnating, turbine blade cleaning and other applications.

W.T. Hight Company, Inc.

Leveling mounts, casters and wheels, storage supplies, carts, dollies, industrial trucks and other industrial material handling equipment.